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Invest in Nuclear for an Energy Independent Future

Invest in Nuclear for an Energy Independent Future

United States Congress, Gavin Newsom

On Thursday, March 23, 1989, a press release was published stating:

Two scientists have successfully created a sustained nuclear fusion reaction at room temperature in a chemistry laboratory at the University of Utah. The breakthrough means the world may someday rely on fusion for a clean virtually inexhaustible source of energy.

Nuclear fusion offers the promise of providing humanity with a nearly unlimited supply of energy. It is more desirable than the nuclear fission process used today in nuclear power plants. Fusion creates a minimum of radioactive waste, gives off much more energy and has a virtually unlimited fuel source in the earth's oceans.

Today, Americans are facing extremely high energy prices, high gas prices, and crippling inflation. The working and middle class are suffering. 

Technology is deflationary. New technologies lead to lower prices of goods/services, lower production costs, and more opportunity. We are living in a time when technology has advanced faster than ever in our lifetimes, yet we are facing crippling inflation. Why?

The time for virtue signaling and policy-by-ideology is over. We need real solutions and we need our representatives to act on them. Many advanced energy technologies have been discovered and are available for our benefit, however, our representatives are not acting in our interests.

Nuclear energy is a proven source of efficient and clean energy. It has been implemented at a limited level and squashed in order for politicians, attention seekers, and petulant teenagers to get on their soapboxes and rant about green energy solutions that are not feasible (think back to 2021 when Texas' energy grid failed to deliver the necessary energy during a very cold winter, leaving many without heat).

Wind and solar energy are wonderful, however, they are both immature and inconsistent. While the technology matures, we need a reliable consistent source of efficient energy. Wind power capture is inconsistent because the volume and power of wind can not be forecasted accurately. Solar energy technology requires cost-prohibitive materials for batteries and panels while the technology matures to be able to fully harness the power of the sun.

Nuclear energy is the bird in the hand. Nuclear energy has the capacity to provide us with energy independence.

What Can You Do?

We need your support. Please sign and share this petition. As citizens, we can make a difference by making our voices heard. Our Congressmen, Senators, and Governors must hear our voices.


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